Thoughts On My Class Reunion

One recent June morning, after canada goose outlet sale checking my email, glancing at the headlines, and looking to see what people were talking about on Twitter, I logged on to Facebook. I wanted canada goose outlet parka to see if any friends had a birthday coming up. Then, after getting the information that I needed, I decided to check my messages. There, I found a message from my class canada goose clearance president, informing me that the Canada Goose Jackets class of 1993 has its 20 year reunion coming up. She wanted to know if I was canada goose outlet uk sale going to be able to attend. I would have liked to canada goose outlet canada goose get canada goose outlet online uk together with my classmates, reminisce with them, and introduce them to my husband, but I realized that now is not the time.

First, I am sure that I would have had to pay some money in order canada goose outlet nyc to attend this function. I, like many people, need money right now. Therefore, my husband and I really do not have the money to attend a reunion if we expect to be able to pay our current expenses. Lack of money is not the canada goose coats on sale only reason why I could not attend, however.

Another reason why I opted not to go is because I need to add some clothing to my wardrobe. I would not want to show up for a reunion dressed in a ratty T shirt and jeans. This attire would be sloppy and unprofessional, and I would be embarrassed. My classmates would whisper amongst themselves about canada goose outlet new york city why I showed up dressed the way I cheap canada goose was. canada goose outlet shop Instead, I would rather wear nicer clothing, such as a blouse paired with black pants. goose outlet canada An outfit like this would look nice, and it would be slimming. There is also another reason why I decided not to go: ambition.

In twenty years’ time, I am sure that many of my classmates have gotten good jobs and that some may have even started their own canada goose clearance sale businesses. Jobs have not worked out for me, and with the economy what it currently is, starting a business might be a better idea. If I decide to start a business, I want to have time to build Canada Goose Parka it up to the canada goose Canada Goose Online black friday sale point where it is successful. That way, when the next reunion comes Canada Goose online up, my business will be well established. I can go to the reunion and in the course of catching up, I might be able to pick up some more customers.

A fourth reason why I opted not to go is because I want to lose some weight. I am not heavy, but I would like to lose a few pounds. I doubt that canada goose outlet in usa I would get down to my high school weight, but if I lost just a bit of weight, it would help.

In the time between now and the next reunion, perhaps I can accomplish my goals. That way, as a former prom queen, I can be the awesome person that I should be canada goose outlet reviews.